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Our Magic Valley Excavation Services

We are your Excavation Experts committed to providing a full line of Excavation services to help you with all your Excavation needs. No other company comes close to our level of commitment and quality workmanship.

Extreme Excavation specializes in the Excavation of industrial and commercial buildings, including land clearing, and more. Our company also specializes in subdivision Excavation.

Each job is carefully planned with a dedication to quality and service. Extreme Excavation will provide you the peace of mind you desire and long-term success into the future. 

Excavation Services

Our excavation Company provides full excavation and clearance services to industrial, commercial and residential environments, within both public and private sectors. Excavation is performed by traditional methods or by using the latest techniques. 

Industrial Excavation

All excavation procedures place safety as the top priority. Our professional Twin Falls Excavation Company selects the safest and simplest method that can do the trick. The best results come from our skilled company that uses both manual and mechanical techniques. 

Commercial Excavation

Our company has experience in excavation of subdivisions and other commercial building. We provide efficient work to satisfy your needs. 

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Extreme Excavation are quite the team... Friendly, professional, responsive, and genuine. Came in as the best price, promised plenty and delivered more. Hardest working site crew you can imagine. The project supervisor is personable, accommodating and responsive to any concerns or suggestions you might have. Cleaned up at the end of each day and left the job spotless. On time, on budget, no surprises... 

-David Harris


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