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Craig Christiansen - President/Owner

Experience:Craig has 16 years of site utility/earthwork experience. His construction career started with KD Excavation out of Bellevue, Idaho, where he worked his way up the company ranks to become one of the lead estimators & project managers. At KD Excavation he met Co-Owner Sid Ward, where they decided to start their own excavating construction company. Since then Craig has been an essential member to the extreme team in growing the company's reputation and the company maintaining financial stability. During the company's humble beginning, Craig personally oversaw & helped construct the company's first projects, as an accomplished equipment operator. Throughout his years within the industry, Craig has assisted in the estimating & project management of many high profile projects, such as, the Sun Valley Company Music Pavilion, the Shaw Farms Irrigation Waterline project, & Buhl Waste Water Treatment Plant.



Sid Ward - Vice President/Owner

Experience: With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Sid is a great asset to any project. It was his very proficient equipment operator abilities that got his start in construction at KD Excavation, from Bellevue, Idaho. There he worked as one of KD Excavation's lead foreman, until 2005, when he left the company with Co-Owner Craig Christiansen to start Extreme Excavation, Inc. While at Extreme Excavation, in addition to his ownership responsibilities, Sid has taken the role of General Superintendent and manages all of the Extreme Crews, while he works hard to insure the quality of the work performed is up to the Extremem Excavation standard. Sid's experience has allowed him to be a part of many prolific projects as both an equipment operator & a manager which include the Chobani Pretreatment Facility, Glanbia Foods Good North Sump & Silo Project, & also the Joslin Field Airport Snow Removal Building



Jake Claridge - Project Manager

Experience: Jake entered the construction industry in 2007, after completing a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management from Boise State University. As his first job out of school, he had the opportunity to work as a project engineer overseeing the Idaho State Capitol Restoration. Later he was able to work on a revocation LEED project, as a project engineer, for the University of Utah College of Nursing.He then returned to his native roots in the Magic Valley to become a Project Manager Estimator. Jake's knowledge and understanding of the administrative sideof a construction project brings an invaluable aspect to any project. While at Extreme Excavation, Inc. he has had the opportunity to estimate & manage various projects which include the Chobani Pretreatment, the Glanbia Gooding North Sump & Silo Addition, & the City of Wendell Waste Water Improvements Project. 



Jeremiah Southwick - Superintendent

Experience: Jeremiah has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. In which time he has quickly made a name for himself as a talented equipment operator & productive superintendent. Projects in which he is responsible for quickly find themselves ahead of schedule, while still meeting the high Extreme Excavation standards for quality.Extreme Excavation often receives positive review regarding Jeremiah's skill & service he provides our customers. Jeremiah has a vast knowledge & experience with pipeline projects & site preparation. He has been instrumental to the success of many of our largest & most prolific projects, which include the American Falls Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Shaw Farms Irrigation Waterline Project, & Sun Valley Company Trail Creek Sewer Extension. 


Matt Wilson - Foreman

Experience Matt has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. Matt spent his early years in construction working for Johnson Excavation, where he worked on a number of mass excavation projects. He is very efficient and maintains a high level of quality. Matt has a strong construction IQ that makes him a valuable team member, and brings knowledge & experience with pipeline projects & site preparation. He has been an asset to many of Extreme's projects, such as; American Falls Waste Water Treatment Plant, Chobani Pretreatment Facility, & Sun Valley Company Various Project).




Francisco Torres - Foreman

Experience: Francisco has been a part of the Extreme Team for 2 years. During that time, he has remained an important asset to our team. While he has helped finish many of our big projects over these past two years, he has also helped us to maintain our reputation of quality work. Some of the major projects he has helped complete include: The Bishop's Storehouse, Canyon Ridge High School Addition, and the Jefferson Elementary School addition. Previous to joining the Extreme Team, he has worked various jobs. This has helped Francisco gain a wide variety of knowledge, while he gained a very strong work ethic. As being a part of Extreme Excavation, Francisco is help accountable for many things. He is held accountable to make sure the work is going smoothly and that the work is top quality. Francisco brings to Team Extreme his strong knowledge in sewer pipeline, and housing foundations. 



Brody Norman - Foreman

Experience: With his knowledge of pipework and flatwork, Brody is a very valuable member of the Extreme Team. He has been with Extreme Excavation for the past 6 years. During that time, he has helped complete: Fabri-Kal, Kenworth, Horizon Elementary, and the Wendell Treatment Plant. As a part of being a Foreman for Extreme Excavation, Brody is expected to: show up with a plan for the crew, train new comers, keep the job deadlines on time, and keep the work trucks clean and serviced. 





Nick Metcalf - Foreman

Experience: Nick has been in the construction business for 19 years. Previous to working with Extreme Excavation, Nick worked 15 years with concrete construction & framing. This makes him a very valuable member of the Extreme Team. As a result of his 15 years of work in the concrete business, Nick specializes in concrete for Extreme Excavation. However, Nick is very talented and can work and do well in anything asked of him. Nick has helped work on some of our big projects including: Chobani Phase I, II, and III, and Clif Bar.  





Kevin Storey - Foreman

Experience: Kevin has been in construction industry for 18 years. 17 of those years were dedicated to underground utilities. With his previous work experience, Kevin specializes in deep sewer ground water. Some of the major jobs Kevin has helped complete include: the Magic Valley Airport, and the Highland Water Main. As being a part of the Extreme Team, Kevin is expected to make sure the jobs come in on time and that they do so in a safe manner. 






Eddie Searle - Foreman

Experience: Eddie has spent 12 years in wholesale distribution, 2 years as a well driller, and 2 years as a mason laborer for a total of 16 years in the construction business. He specializes in pipe and fitting application. Eddie has been critical in completing the Downtown Twin Falls Demo, and Fabri-Kal in Burley. It is expected of Eddie that he works hard to get the job done, works efficiently, and represents Extreme Excavation well.